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Solar Panel Inspection

Scale Photovoltaic (PV) Field Efficiency and Output with Drone Thermal Imaging Inspections
Thanks to continued improvements in thermal imaging hardware, software, and drone technology, it is now possible to improve the efficiency and accuracy of solar, or photovoltaic (PV), inspections more than ever.

The current practice of manual electric testing is not sustainable at scale and results in slower PV system build outs, increased inefficiencies in identifying potential equipment and construction problems, and delayed repairs to faulty panels and balance of system (BOS) components.
For asset owners, PV inspectors, and drone service providers (DSPS) to meet the growing demand of PV inspection and maintenance, they must develop a deep understanding of thermography, flight operations, and other factors to take full advantage of the benefits of drone-based solar inspection.

This will also enable those energy stakeholders and asset owners, specifically, to further maximize efficiencies and outputs from their respective PV systems.

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