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About Us

Welcome to VStream Revolution

VStream Revolution Sdn. Bhd. is a company specialised in providing Drone/UAV solution for Industrial & Commercial use. We have distribution ship for the most advance Drone/UAV system and payload that can be used for a variety of application.

With the best team of drone pilot for service such as Mapping, Inspection & Videography and others.

Our engineers and system design team is focusing on providing the best solution such as Data Processing, Application Development andTraining

VStream Revolution focus on main areas :-

  1. Drone Sales & Services.
  2. Autonomous Drone Security & Surveillance.
  3. Counter Drone Solution (Anti-Drone)
  4. IoT Solution.
  5. Other Drone Services
    (Mapping , Inspection, Progress Video & Training)
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The Drone Company has professional team member with highest skill set to undertake any challenging drone project. The team comprise of Pilot, Technician and Processing team


Flown Hours

Our team of highly skilled pilots and experienced cinematographers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible when using drone technology. Our goal on every project is to capture dynamic content to add great production value.


years Establishment

Our drone fleet is equipped with payload that is meet all the demanding drone application such as Surveillance
Aerial Photography