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Public safety

Solution background

With the development of society, the crime ways become more and more advanced, In order to guard against unexpected incidents, ensure the safety of peoples life and property and maintain social stability, There is no doubt that we have to use the high technology to deal with those crimes in the public place. JTT police drone as the high-tech equipment, It has widely used in the police field to increase the working efficiency and has a strong significant to strong the police.

The applications by JTT drone in police field

Routine inspections, Large gathering monitoring, emergency monitoring, air reconnaissance, hunting, anti-terrorism, searching at night and so on.

Operation process by JTT drone on surveillance


With the advantages of aerial surveillance by JTT drone in the police field, By combined with drone, ground station, pilot or control person and command center to do the high efficency control and solve the accidents in the short time for maintenance the people life and property.


To monitor without dead corner and make up for the shortage of fixed monitoring equipment, and ensure the people’s safty;The features include high effiency, quick effect and low cost.

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