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Drone Oil and Gas Inspection

Solution Background

With the rapid development of the national economy,the country’s energy demand is growing more and more bigger.Oil, natural gas pipeline as the country's energy artery, its safety is particularly important.At present, the mileage of China's total oil and gas pipeline is nearly 150,000 km. The miles of oil and gas pipelines are providing important energy for the national economy and the daily life of the national residents.In order to ensure the safety of energy transmission, they must be regularly inspected.

For the oil pipeline inspection project, especially for the long-distance oil and gas transmission pipeline (length within 400km)、regional oil and gas field with fault block system (area is about 100km2), which often require "short and fast",short measurement time, heavy task,high quality, area terrain, complex and varied landscape,and often through the unmanned areas such as the desert Gobi, forests, mountains, etc., and sometimes the personnel and measuring instruments can not be reached.

The UAV system depends on the modern scientific and technological strength created safety for the security inspection, land survey, enterprise equipment in the petroleum and petrochemical fields.

Planning to use UAV for base station pipeline inspection and monitoring instead of man power.

  • Using UAV for the existing network performance test.

Planning to test the wireless performance of the existing network by using UAV equipped with the network signal test instrument to change the situation that only be tested on the ground and provide comprehensive test data for the network optimization.

  • Using the UAV for the proposed site pre-survey and simulation test.

UAVs can be manually controlled to enter the inconvenient area or incapable height by the survey personnel, which can effectively improve the efficiency of survey. In the process of surveying, UAVs can be payloaded with test equipment, which can provide comprehensive data for final constructive decision making through simulation test at different angles & height.

  • Using the UAV for base station daily security inspection.

Due to unattended daily operation to base station, there may be some property risks, with the use of UAV auto fly system, it can help inspect the safety situation of the base station, and save image and video data. Timing, fixed patrol can also effectively reduce the company property loss.

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