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Drone Oil and Gas Inspection

Solution Background

With the rapid development of the national economy,the country’s energy demand is growing more and more bigger.Oil, natural gas pipeline as the country's energy artery, its safety is particularly important.At present, the mileage of China's total oil and gas pipeline is nearly 150,000 km. The miles of oil and gas pipelines are providing important energy for the national economy and the daily life of the national residents.In order to ensure the safety of energy transmission, they must be regularly inspected.

For the oil pipeline inspection project, especially for the long-distance oil and gas transmission pipeline (length within 400km)、regional oil and gas field with fault block system (area is about 100km2), which often require "short and fast",short measurement time, heavy task,high quality, area terrain, complex and varied landscape,and often through the unmanned areas such as the desert Gobi, forests, mountains, etc., and sometimes the personnel and measuring instruments can not be reached.

The UAV system depends on the modern scientific and technological strength created safety for the security inspection, land survey, enterprise equipment in the petroleum and petrochemical fields.

The application in oil field by JTT drone

In the field of oil, JTT UAV can be used to the applications of line’s selection, pipeline inspection, master the construction progress, emergency repair, real-time surveillance, oil and gas drilling tower’s inspection, underground pipeline monitoring, oil spilling monitoring.

Inspection on the Selection of Oil Pipeline

Real time surveillance

Oil and gas drilling tower’s inspection

underground pipeline’s monitoring

Pipeline inspection

Oil spilling monitoring


  • Excellent operation of the project, take off and landing without restrictions on the venue.

Not subject to the ground restrictions (such as the sea, river, lake, desert), large working accuracy is evenly, which can be worked in the difficult area.

  • No casualties, the cost is relatively low.

Compared with the manned helicopter, the UAV have a better cost performance;

  • Autonomous takeoff and landing, simple operation.

With the development of the automatic control and electronic computing technology, automatic navigation technology is increasingly becoming exquisite, UAV can achieve spontaneous takeoff and landing, automatic navigation and other intelligent control, which is making the application more mature and convenient.

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