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Forest firefighting

Solution Background

Forest fires have occurred since the forests have appeared on the earth. In the world, forest fires occur about 200000 times a year on average, and the burned area accounts for about 1‰ of the total forest area in the world. Forest fires seriously destroy forest structure and environment, which lead to the loss of forest ecosystem’s balance, decrease of forest biomass and productivity, even the casualties of human and livestock.

Therefore, the issue of forest fire prevention has become a top priority of forestry work. The advantages of aerial forest fire prevention are becoming more and more obvious, using unmanned aerial vehicles to participate in aerial forest fire prevention will enable the aerial forest fire control to fully perform the advantages in the sky.

Specific application of JTT drone in forest fire prevention

Daily inspections, fire investigation, disaster relief assistance, evacuation from the fire ground, data transmission, etc..

Forest fire prevention work flow of JTT drone

Value for clients

Users can effectively achieve the followings by using JTT drone for fire rescue solution:

  • prime facing the challenge: users can equip the drone with fire fighting and rescue payloads for effective disaster relief by using JTT drone for fire rescue plan in the region which is froward with easy ripple effect, or is fast spread that the rescuers can not reach the area. On one hand, it can effectively achieve the disaster relief and rescue, on the other hand, it can greatly reduce the lives of rescuers.
  • Make up for the shortcomings of the traditional rescue solution: reduce or even eliminate the impact of complex terrain on disaster monitoring, and , achieve the disaster relief and rescue effectively in the area through its payload’s function
  • achieve comprehensive disaster monitoring: JTT drone for fire rescue can act as ‘angel eyes’, the rescue command center can make real-time monitoring and comprehensive understanding of the live disaster scene through long-range HD video transmission system and long-range audio transmission system equipped with JTT drone, this will put an end to the passive situation called ‘blindness’ in front of any disaster.
  • achieve the linkage of all rescue parties: effectively realize the the linkage amount the rescue action in the field of fire, drone system monitoring and rescue command center. The rescue command center will dispatch all parties with the rescue resources for the most effective and optimal decision, thus greatly improve the disaster relief and rescue effect, minimize the losses caused by the fire and save the rescuers’ lives much further.

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