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Firefighting - Fire Rescue Drone

Solution Background

In all kinds of disasters, fire is one of the most frequent and universal threats to public safety and social development. The human's ability of utilizing and controlling fire is an important sign of progress in civilization. Therefore, the history of utilizing fire is associated with the history of firefighting. In nowadays’ social life, fire has become a threat to public security, it endangers people's lives and property as a kind of multiple disasters. According to statistics, there are more than 10000 fires occur every day in the world, which cause more than 2000 people to die and more than 3000 people to be injured and result to a direct loss of about one billion dollars. These are the direct economic losses caused by fires only, it is estimated that the indirect economic losses are dozens of times more than the direct one. The importance of fire protection has never been neglected, drone technology has been applied to the field of fire protection, and its agility, efficiency and precision have enabled it to be a new operational partner of the fire force.

Application on fire rescue by JTT drone

  • patrol the planning route, investigate the disaster, assist the supervision and other applications through the aerial photography payload;
  • guide the victims’ evacuation correctly through the shouting payload;
  • extract and detect the flammable, explosive, toxic gas through using the gas collector ;
  • real-time monitor the track through a zoom camera;
  • search and rescue at night through the infrared camera;
  • provide an assistant rescue through carrying and throwing the fire extinguisher or first aid kit.


  • reducing environmental factors, heading to the scene and collecting the live information at the fastest speed, as well as achieving the disaster relief and rescue effectively through equipping the payloads ;
  • save the casualties of fire fighters effectively, avoiding them to run into the poisonous, flammable, explosive and other dangerous environment;
  • live condition feedback and comprehensive information providing, so that the rescue command center can monitor and understand the real-time fire behavior comprehensively in the first instance, then make some accurate plans;
  • improving the effectiveness of disaster relief and rescue greatly, reducing the losses caused by fire and save lives to the greatest extent.

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