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UAV Communication

UAVs are replacing network test and base station patrolling

  • Using UAV to achieve daily inspection of Base station antenna.

To ensure the signal coverage area and strength, base station antenna under normal circumstances always keep 6 ° down angle, due to various reasons, the loosening of components will cause changes in angle, the intending use of UAV for routine inspection aims to decrease the dangers for labors in climbing, simultaneously to check the situation of the feeder, and to update data to every antenna’s occlusion in 120 ° angle vision.

  • Using UAV to achieve daily inspection of Base station pipeline.

Planning to use UAV for base station pipeline inspection and monitoring instead of man power.

  • Using UAV for the existing network performance test.

Planning to test the wireless performance of the existing network by using UAV equipped with the network signal test instrument to change the situation that only be tested on the ground and provide comprehensive test data for the network optimization.

  • Using the UAV for the proposed site pre-survey and simulation test.

UAVs can be manually controlled to enter the inconvenient area or incapable height by the survey personnel, which can effectively improve the efficiency of survey. In the process of surveying, UAVs can be payloaded with test equipment, which can provide comprehensive data for final constructive decision making through simulation test at different angles & height.

  • Using the UAV for base station daily security inspection.

Due to unattended daily operation to base station, there may be some property risks, with the use of UAV auto fly system, it can help inspect the safety situation of the base station, and save image and video data. Timing, fixed patrol can also effectively reduce the company property loss.

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