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Border Drones - Border Security

Solution Background

With the increasing interactive with other countries on economy, politics, cultural and so on, the number of floating population has increased, The crime rate is also increased rapidly, which include illegal exit-entry,smuggling,drug trafficking and some other crime activities. So there is no doubt that It is a very important task to strong the boder management to ensure the border safty and social stability.

The application in border security by JTT drone

Air waypoint patrol, night patrol, vehicle and personnel monitoring, anti terrorism, air warning, air propaganda and emergency dispatch, emergency rescue and so on.


  • JTT drone is not limited by the compicated geographical conditions, It will assit the border institute to do border patrol, border surveillance, border search and rescue and some other tasks with high efficiency.
  • To patrol with high efficiency by fixed-point, time and flight route, It will increase rapidly to ensure the safty in the border area.
  • To make full use of the available resources in different departments.The above solution will let the border comman center to have the real-time transmitted information so that they will dispatch the border resources immidiately to accomplish the goal of the most optimal allocation of resources. Moreover, It will increase the interconnection among border safty center, guards and the relative equipments to ensure the safty of border.

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